• Beverley Thompson

Working with the Firm - Ignite PR & Engagement meet the Royal Comms Team

When it comes to organisation and attention to detail – you’ve got to hand it the Royal Communications team. We recently worked with them on the occasion of the official opening of the Dream Centre at Chailey Heritage Foundation by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. It was an exercise in media precision driven by a PR machine with decades of know how.

Planning for a royal visit begins weeks in advance with scant details available on a strict need to know basis only. This is of course absolutely essential for security reasons but challenging for a PR team charged with generating maximum positive publicity for the client.

Resistance was futile! We accepted the mystery of the Royal Rota (a media guest list), we kept the visit confidential and joined our media colleagues in precision briefings where HRH’s time was outlined in seconds. You might think that any spontaneity would be lost in the order of things but it wasn’t. HRH brought joy to the event and didn’t seem to notice the posse of reporters and cameras that were trained on her every move. The Royal Comms team made sure that the day belonged to Chailey – to the service users, the staff and the supporters. But they also made sure that HRH was able to shine and get the best from her time in Sussex.

The Royal Communications team are a force to be reckoned with – but when HRH left everyone was happy and that’ surely is what excellent PR is all about.

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