• Peter Lindsey

New Year - New View

The start of a New Year always presents an opportunity to review what we do - and indeed also what we can do differently in the coming 12 months.

Bev and I have been discussing how best to generate publicity for charities and community groups, however big or small they be.

We reviewed a number of charities' websites to assess their content for PR articles, and also who they are aimed at. First, on the one level there is publicity generated in the local press, which remains very important. In the past, it always used to be success when a story was published in the local newspaper. Now, the 'reach' is bigger when it is published online, although it's still great to be in print too.

But, going one step further and thinking out of the box, what makes regional or national coverage possible? Well, the key words appear to be people, human interest stories and celebrities/ambassadors. And of course, everything has to tie in with the charity or group's strategic priorities and indeed expectations.

Ignite PR & Engagement has managed the PR for the amazing Chailey Heritage Foundation for three years. It's a great charity which does amazing work in Sussex and further afield in the South East.

We aim to raise their profile - and indeed their fundraising - by telling some fantastic people stories. We do a lot more - and we love doing it - but people must remain at the heart of every organisation.

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