• Beverley Thompson

When interviewees fight back!

Helping people with their media encounters is something I love. As a former BBC correspondent and news reader – believe me I know a bit about this game! I have interviewed prime ministers, celebrities and ordinary people who have done some extraordinary things and they all have one thing in common and that is the ability to be unpredictable and put any interviewer on edge.

The John Humphries, Adam Boultons and Kay Burleys are seen as news heavyweights and many interviewees have bruising encounters at their hands but when they don’t hold all the cards!

Interviewees can say the unexpected – they introduce unknowns into the conversation, they can unintentionally cause a legal issue and when it all gets too much, they simply up and leave. Check out live encounters with defence minister John Knott, actress and comedian Joan Rivers, and more recently Robin Boardman from Extinction Rebellion. No matter how distinguished and experienced the presenter it doesn’t look or feel good to lose control.

Not all of us will end up live on a prime time news show but with the expansion of social media, the ever increasing appetites of local tv and radio and live feeds – the chances of you entering the media spotlight are high. Here are some tips for ensuring your 15 minutes of fame don’t end in disaster!

What do I need to know?

  • Location

  • How long

  • Other participants

  • Where will it be used

  • Who is the interviewer

  • What are the question areas

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