• Beverley Thompson

Putting The Media Spotlight on Charity Fundraiser

Covid 19 has wreaked havoc on charities and their fundraising efforts – so when Chailey Heritage Foundation was forced to cancel their major fundraiser the Focus 10k we needed to find a way to keep our clients in the spotlight and boost the fundraising effort.

Personal stories were key to the success of our campaign. By focussing on two families we were able to showcase the work of the charity, drive a powerful ask and inspire people to find a way to support them despite Covid 19! We generated huge media interest and helped CHF raise more than £30,000. Head of fundraising at CHF – Nina Gopal said: "We were delighted to achieve widespread local media coverage for the Focus 10stay across print, radio, online and even TV thanks to Ignite. There is no doubt that this not only contributed towards the success of this fundraising event during lockdown, but also helped to raise awareness of the charity to a potentially new audience. Our media included a primetime feature on BBC regional television, three appearances on BBC local radio, and more than twenty features in print and online. Bev said: "It was a real privilege speaking to, and then writing about, some amazing families. "It was a great fundraising campaign and we were proud to have played our part in its success." Two articles of particular interest were the Turner family from Rusper near Crawley and the Tuppers from Surrey. ​ ​ Article in the Mid Sussex Times Article in the Surrey Comet

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