• Peter Lindsey

Is There Still A Place For The Local Press?

Well, I've spent 20 years of my career as Editor of local newspapers, including the Eastbourne Herald, Hastings Observer series, Sussex Express and Crawley Observer, so I guess I would say yes.

And the answer is indeed yes, but let me explain why.

The trend in recent years within the local press has been a sad one. Huge staff cuts while at the same time large hikes in the price of the newspaper itself. Only last Friday the Sports Editor of the Hastings Observer left, and alas it seems not to be replaced.

But we all have to accept that times have changed. People still want to read news, we just consume it in a different way. Life is more immediate so people want to access that news online, on their phone or whatever IT they may use.

But I bet you when something big happens in Brighton, locals will still go to The Argus first to find out what's going on. Just as when something happens in Eastbourne, the Herald will be the first port of call. It may be the website rather than waiting until the Friday for the Herald to be printed but does that matter?

The local press still exists and I expect it always will. It just looks very different to what it used to be. 'Reach' is now the key word rather than the number of copies sold.

I have spent the last four years at The Argus, both as Business Editor and working on news desk. I also ran free newspapers for The Argus in Worthing, Mid Sussex and the South Coast area including Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven as well as Lewes.

Now I focus on Eastbourne Voice as well as working for Ignite and believe me, there is still a place for the local press, a huge place and a very valuable one too.

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