• Peter Lindsey

How staging charity events can boost business

Volunteers Week took place at the start of June, a great opportunity to celebrate the work so many of us do in the community. But how can that be turned into a chance to bring business and volunteers together?

Eastbourne Pier owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar asked Ignite to track down 100 volunteers worthy of praise and indeed thanks.

One hundred? Of course, there are thousands in Eastbourne alone, but Ignite used social media and the local press to find some real gems.

There are too many to mention and we had guests at the Afternoon Tea reception from all walks of life. Mr Gulzar was thrilled to welcome the team who make breakfast at St Wilfrid's Hospice at Eastbourne.

We all sat in admiration as one lady from Macmillan said she had been rattling a tin for 12 years. When I asked how much she had raised, she replied: "Almost half a million pounds."

Just amazing. I could go on, the stories told were great.

The event was a huge success for Ignite and indeed for Mr Gulzar.


Because Ignite made sure the right people were in the room. Because Ignite took over the complete planning, hosting and staging of the event. And because Ignite made sure that the event attracted huge amounts of positive publicity.

It wasn't really about the publicity though, it was about making lovely people feel very special. And that I know, they did.

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