• Peter Lindsey

It's The Sun Wot Won It Wasn't It?

So how big a role does the media play in who wins a General Election?

Huge has to be the answer, but where does the biggest influence come from? Well, in 2017 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was slammed by most of the national press. His late surge of popularity was put down to a successful Facebook and social media campaign, especially with young people.

Now the focus is firmly on December 12 and it's fair to say that the majority of the national press is leaning towards Boris Johnson.

But Boris knows that alone won't secure him that majority he needs to deliver his Brexit.

The leaders' TV debates are important, which is why Jo Swinson and the SNP took legal action, albeit unsuccessful, to try and get more exposure.

At the end of the day, people will ultimately vote for what they believe in. Everyone thought this would be the Brexit election, and to a large extent that is true. But the NHS, schools and police numbers are playing an increasing role. The NHS in particular.

The media will continue to play a huge role in the decisions that people make. Some, like the BBC, must be balanced.

Others, like The Sun and Daily Mirror, are telling their readers who to vote for.

December 13 could still yet be a very interesting morning............... 

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