• Peter Lindsey

Changes And Challenges

The Duchess of Cornwall's visit to Chailey Heritage Foundation was the perfect opportunity for us to show ourselves, and indeed others, what we can achieve.

Starting a new venture is never easy. Bev and I knew that and we realised from the outset we would have to work hard.

Yes, we have been both in the media for many years but the reality is that most people only really want to know you when you are in such positions.

When I was Editor of a newspaper, most people in the area wanted to know me. When I wasn't, most people didn't. That's life and that's only natural.

Bev was a popular figure on the BBC news for many years and of course people still recognise her today. But that's all in the past.

Ignite PR & Engagement is a new venture for both of us, and working together is just great.

We are learning loads, about ourselves and also about other people we are dealing with.

What we do both know is that we ARE making a positive difference to our clients, and that's what most important to us both.

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