• Beverley Thompson

Cheque Please?

We all know that charities need to raise funds and that partnerships and links with businesses are vital for the survival of many of the smaller organisations that do essential work in our communities. But what if your small, medium or start up business is simply too occupied with the day-to-day pressures to think about dedicating time and effort to meeting charity targets?

There is no doubt that companies are expected to give back to their communities and show a real commitment and responsibility to its neighbours. Charitable support is also recognised as key to recruitment and retention of staff as the company demonstrates its credentials and becomes not just a good, but a great place to work. Here are some tips that might help you and your chosen charity or charities develop a great working relationship and ensure you both get the best out of your partnership.

1. Embed the partnership – choose charities that reflect your company values, are local to your activities and can offer you opportunities to showcase the work you do together.

2. Offer choice – consider a staff vote if you have enough employees or a coffee break discussion to ensure the buy in of as many colleagues as possible.

3. Think about what the company wants out of the relationship – this could be simply positive PR, using the skills and knowledge of the charity to develop your employees or provide staff development through volunteering and mentoring.

4. Offer added value – of course money is important but volunteering, free use of office space, and skills sharing all have a value.

Above all remember that every contribution is significant and a partnership with a charity can ensure positive outcomes for everyone.

Here at Ignite, we offer strategic, bespoke advice to companies who want to improve their community engagement and enhance their reputations. Get in touch and start making a difference.

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