• Beverley Thompson

It’s All About The Impact!

With increasing focus on what companies do for their communities it’s vital that your business gets the recognition it deserves. Quality Community Engagement is no longer a tick box exercise – it now has the attention of regulators, politicians, employees, recipients and donors. Totals raised for charities and community groups are being replaced by new measures – inputs, outputs and most importantly IMPACT.

Impact or outcome can be difficult to measure but it is meaningful and powerful.

An example would be:

Company A raised £10k for an international aid charity working to eradicate disease. (INPUT)

The money raised has purchased 10,000 vaccines (OUPUT)

The vaccines have eradicated the disease, significantly improved the lives of thousands of people and eased the burden of health care on a country dealing with many other pressing issues. (IMPACT)

Impact is wow factor – it is a measure of real change and a company’s ability to effect lasting improvement.

  • So how can you showcase what you’ve achieved?

  • You need to be clear on what you want to achieve, and look at the long term value rather than the short term total of donations.

  • Really focus on how can you effect change for good and improve your company’s bottom line.

  • Team up with charities and organisations that have impact at heart and are able to demonstrate it.

  • Consider producing or commissioning your own Impact report. Albion in the Community recently published a report that demonstrated their positive impact on the community in real and monetary terms.

We’d love to help you achieve lasting impact through your CSR work – contact us for strategy, reporting or just a helpful chat!

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