Newhaven Regeneration Group

Beverley advised our charity committee on our company charitable partnerships as we continue to try to improve our employee 

Ignite PR & Engagement and Beverley Thompson’s unique work as a PR and Community investment professional combined is simply amazing.  


She has helped Newhaven Regeneration Group (a social enterprise) to deliver high impact level PR at both a local, national and international level for a cross channel Start up Cruise. 


The PR challenge was to get 160 French and English entrepreneurs on a cross channel ferry, doing business in international waters to show the power of business to collaborate.  Beverley more than delivered. 


Working as part of social enterprise Newhaven Regeneration Group Beverley more than delivered this programme in just five weeks from concept coffee to being on the boat with live broadcast journalists.


Simply Brilliant! 


Graham Precey - Co Founder of Newhaven Regeneration Group